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Career Evaluation and Work Adjustment Services

Career/Vocational Evaluation


Choosing a career direction is one of the most important decisions a person can make in life.  Yet, few have gone through any formal process to find the best fit between themselves and the world of work.  People may spend 12 to 16 or more years in formal education, but spend little time identifying careers that would lead to a satisfying work life.  


This study of one’s career preferences can make a critical difference between being satisfied or feeling unfulfilled during a 40+ year worklife.  In addition to talking to you about your past and future career interests, Dr. Mooney relies upon the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory and the Strong Interest Inventory to guide your career and work-life choices.


Myers-Briggs Type Inventory: 

The MBTI has been developed and researched over the last 50 years to help people identify their individual preferences across four important dimensions.  Your particular combination of these four preferences yields your MBTI personality type:  


    1. Internal or outer world focus (Introversion/Extraversion)
    2. Attunement to concrete sensory information or to global intuition about the environment (Sensory/Intuition)
    3. Logic or values-based decision making (Thinking/Feeling)
    4. Preference for reaching a decision or staying open to new information before drawing conclusions (Judgment/Perception)

The MBTI Career Inventory lists the most and least popular occupations for each personality type.  The MBTI can also help illuminate communication conflicts in marriage.


The Strong Interest Inventory: 

The Strong Interest Inventory was first developed in 1927 and has been revised and thoroughly researched ever since.  It identifies your personal interest patterns and how they are similar or dissimilar to those of people who are satisfied in their occupations.
 The Strong Interest Inventory report includes the following information:  

  • General Occupational Themes:  Identifies where you fit according to 6 broad interest patterns of work personality:  Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional.
  • Basic Interest Scales:  Rates your level of interest in specific types of work and lists your "Top 5" interest areas. 
  • Occupational Scales:  Rates the commonality of your interest patterns with people who have been employed and satisfied in a particular occupation (122 Occupations).  Gives your "Top 10" Occupations. 
  • Personal Style Scales:  Rates your preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation.
  • College Profile:  Identifies college majors, which may interest you.

Other Career/Work Adjustment Services:

Prior to working as a psychologist, Dr. Mooney trained as a rehabilitation counselor.  He also coordinated a career center at a community college.  He now works with clients who have become disabled at work, or who have trouble emotionally adjusting to their work environments.







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