J. Patrick Mooney, Ph.D.
Salem Psychological Services
2493 State Street
Salem, OR 97301                (503) 581-2351
To Schedule an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment, please call 503-581-2351 and leave a message.  I will call you back.

Office Location: 

The office is located at the corner of State Street and 25th Street in a large historic home. 

2493 State Street
Salem, OR  97301

Office Phone:  503-581-2351

Fax:  503-588-9424

E-Mail *:

* This e-mail contact address is for the purpose of making basic inquiries.  It is not meant as a way of contacting Dr. Mooney in a crisis since e-mail may not be read daily.  It is also not an acceptable means of canceling scheduled appointments.  Crisis calls, appointment cancellations, and detailed/complex inquiries must be done by telephone or by an appointment.  E-mail contact may not be totally secure;  please use your discretion about what to include in e-mail communication. 

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